• What is the Sports Medicine Club?

-The Sports Medicine Club is a group dedicated to understanding, exploring, and volunteering in the branch of podiatry that not only deals with athletes, but all of those who pursue an active lifestyle. Our Mission Statement includes essentially three parts: Academic, Service, and Activity.

• Why should I join the Sports Medicine Club?

-The Sports Medicine Club has a lot to offer. For those in their 1st-3rd years here at NYCPM, we are dedicated to providing opportunities to get involved in athletic events and otherwise, that wouldn’t otherwise be available to you. You get to enjoy getting to know your classmates and faculty on a more casual level as you participate with them in sporting events, and also recreational activities created by and for the Sports Medicine Club members. You will become knowledgeable in certain areas that even practicing podiatrist don’t know a lot about. Including, running shoe types and fitting, and sport specific injuries you wouldn’t otherwise be introduced to. In addition you will get the opportunity to stay on top of the latest periodicals by volunteering to do a journal club presentation. These presentations will prepare you better for 4th year and residency, as that same format will be implemented. The Sports Medicine Club will help you better prepare for your future as a DPM.

• I heard club dues are $10, what does the money go toward?

The money from the club goes straight back into the club. We are starting intramurals this season, and we are going to need funding to rent the fields every week. Sporting equipment will be accumulated as well with the funding. Food, drinks that will be provided at the events will be provided by the Sports Medicine Club. Everything we raise will be used to further the cause of the club.

• Sounds great, how do I sign up?

It’s easy just go to your 2nd year or 3rd year representatives ask to sign the roster. You only become an official member when you pay your dues. At which time, you will be given a receipt that ensures enrollment.

• How do I find out about the newest events taking place?

Just go to all the links on the events page and navigate. There is something for everybody. If you want to see far in advance or a month at a glance, you can just go to the calendar on the website or view the student club’s display case on the 2nd floor.

• What is the AAPSM?

The AAPSM is the American Academy of Podiatric Sports Medicine. They have both student and doctor chapters. The sight has a lot of information about the field as well as a list of podiatrists that are either associates or fellows in the group.

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