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On April 9, 2012, Dr. Barlizo and 10 third-year students from NYCPM's International Podiatry Club (IPC), left New York City for their fourth annual Medical Mission Trip to Mexico. We were joined by Mr. Elmer Goodeill, Dr. Andy Goodeill, Dr. Aaron Dallon, Connie Kline, Wilfredo Henriquez, Jody Kline, Noah Kline and Amanda Mc Farland. I speak for everyone in our team when I say that this trip was an amazing and eye opening experience. The trip was rewarding in every aspect possible. We felt great, while helping people in areas where medical care was not readily available. People thanked and prayed for us for something as little as vitamins and appreciated anything we could do for them.

IPC brought approximately 350 pounds of medication, children's clothing and 46 pairs of diabetic shoes. We stayed in Mexico for 5 days and saw approximately 60-70 patients a day in clinic as well as out in the fields. Our team made house calls to the town's orphanage, their community center, and also saw patients in the fields while working out of our vans. Being able to help their underprivileged community, gave each one of us a new appreciation for our profession. We feel honored, privileged and most importantly, humbled to have been a part of this trip and to be able to help people in desperate need of assistance.

We want to thank Dr. Barlizo for her guidance and support throughout this trip. This trip would not have been possible without her. It was a valuable experience; one from which we will grow and become better doctors.

Our team of students worked diligently throughout the year to fundraise and collect children's clothing and medications to help provide for the underserved people of Vincente Guerrero, Mexico. The 2012 Mission Trip Team included: Annie Zeb, Sally Fayed, Camilo Benitez, Alicia Attanasio, Kait Dickert, Patricia Meehan, Fejzo Cecunjanin, Christie Esmaili, Rihamary Jimenez, and Ilya Shnitser .

The faculty and staff at NYCPM have been very helpful and shown their supportive in the past, and this year was no exception. We appreciated everyone's contributions and would like to thank the following donors and supporters:
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Annie Zeb
International Podiatry Club, President
New York College of Podiatric Medicine, Class of 2013


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