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Niara Wright is a third year, 2016 D.P.M candidate at NYCPM and the AAWP President. She grew up in Philadelphia Pennsylvania and the surrounding suburbs. She attended Howard University studying Biology and Chemistry. Soon after graduation, she was awarded the Intramural Research Training Award at the Mood and Anxiety Disorders Program at the National Institutes of Mental Health. There, she earned co- authorship positions on multiple manuscripts and peer review papers. Niara is currently very active on NYCPMS campus. She has volunteered in multiple foot screening events held in New York City. She is also an active participant in many clubs including the diabetes club, wound care club and ASPS Surgery Club.  Additional, She is a member of NYCPMS' educational committee. Niara is Honored and Humbled to represent the AAWP and very excited to contribute to the organizations legacy.

Shaina Nelson '17 is a D.P.M. candidate at NYCPM and is the secretary/president elect for the AAWP club. Shaina graduated from O'Youville college in Buffalo, NY with her B.S. in science summa cum laude. She is from a small town in western Massachusetts and is a die hard Red Sox fan. Since beginning at NYCPM she has been actively involved in the AAWP club, the International Podiatry club, and the ACFAS surgery cfub, as well as being the 2017 class treasurer and a student ambassador. Outside of the NYCPM community, she is an avid runner and participates in many local races and volunteers for New York Road Runners company. She is looking forward to working with the other AAWP officers in planning events and making this year as successful as it can possibly be.

I graduated from Rutgers University with a BA in cell biology and neuroscience. Upon graduating I immediately enrolled in NYCPM as a member of the 2017 class and am currently serving as treasurer for ACE, class representative for HAPSA and student ambassador. I  grew up and still live in northern New Jersey and love iced tea and bendy straws. :)

Laura Fernandez '17 is a second year DPM candidate at NYCPM and the current Treasurer of the AAWP Club. She was born in Asuncion, Paraguay, and obtained a Bachelors in Psychology with a concentration in Biology from Stony Brook University. She has worked in research in the physical and psychological effects of stress on pregnancy and has experience working at an educational institution for children classified as autistic or emotionally disturbed.

Faculty Advisor:
Sharon Barlizo, DPM

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