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Lisa K. Lee, M.A., Dean of Student Services and Enrollment Management

Nelson Diaz, Student Accounts Representative, Bursar Office

Doreen D'Amico, MS, Registrar

Adrian Rice, Associate Registrar

The College makes a limited amount of leased parking space available to students, by permit only, for periodic fees which are subject to change, as is the availability of parking space. The students can pay for their Parking Passes online using the link below:
After payment, please pick up the Parking Pass by Courtney Cadle/Student Services: or 212-410-8098

Records and Registration
All students must meet their financial obligations to the College and complete registration prior to every semester. Registration is conducted at Orientation for first-semester freshmen and thereafter prior to each new semester during published registration periods. For students who remain in good standing academically and financially, registration is simple and automatic, with forms filled out in a classroom session.
All students are required to have a physical examination and proper immunization documentation before registering.

Transcripts and Confidentiality
A written request and payment of a $5.00 fee by enrolled students ($10.00 for others) is required for each transcript. Written consent of the student is required for disclosure of other personally identifiable information from the education records of the student, other than directory information, except for disclosure of such records to (1) NYCPM College officials, including faculty, who have educational interests, (2) certain authorized representatives of state and federal agencies, (3) persons and/or organizations designated by NYCPM to perform specified management or administrative tasks and (4) lenders or lending agencies to whom a student has applied for financial aid, as may be necessary for such purposes.

Transcripts will not be issued to, or on behalf of, any student or alumnus(a) who has delinquent financial obligations to the College or any of its lenders. It is the policy of NYCPM to comply fully with the rules, regulations and intent of Section 438 of the Family Education rights and Privacy Act of 1974, otherwise known as the Buckley Amendment. Current and former students at NYCPM are permitted to inspect and review their education records in the presence of an authorized employee of NYCPM within a reasonable period of time upon written request.

Students MAY NOT inspect and review the following as outlined by the act: Confidential letters and recommendations associated with admissions, or honors to which they have waived their rights of inspection and review. The Institution is NOT required to permit students to inspect and review confidential letters and recommendations placed in their files prior to January 1, 1975, provided those letters were collected under established policies of confidentiality and were used only for the purposes for which they were collected.

Leave of Absence (LOA)
Students who require temporary absence from the College may be allowed to do so by applying for a leave of absence for up to one year. Applications must be in writing addressed to the Dean of Student Services. Students who are granted a leave of absence by the Committee on Academic Performance and Promotions (CAPP) will be permitted to return to the college without re-application, upon submission of the required letter and documentation as stated in the Student Handbook.

Withdrawal from the College
Students withdrawing from NYCPM should notify the Dean of Student Services in writing. Students who withdraw can apply for re-admission, and must meet the same entrance requirements and rules of promotion that apply to the class to which admission is sought. Those withdrawing from school must make a written request to the Bursar for refund of tuition.

Academic Support Services
New York College of Podiatric Medicine enjoys a very high level of student retention to program completion, due in part to careful selection of candidates for admission, and in part to College-wide efforts of faculty, staff and fellow students to assist those students who are challenged by various circumstances which could potentially jeopardize their successful completion of the D.P.M. degree.

Academic support services at NYCPM Include the following:
·  Academic Advising by assigned faculty members;
·  Peer tutoring by outstanding students;
·  Counseling by a professional counselor;
·  Accommodations for students with disabilities, including learning disabilities;

Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) or Other Handheld Device
PDAs or other internet-capable handheld devices are used to record completion of clinical tasks and faculty evaluation of clinical performance, and possibly other functions as assigned   Beginning in third year, students are required to have suitable PDAs or other internet-capable handheld devices (The College will supply the specifications) and carry them daily in clinic.

Student Handbook
The Student Handbook supplements the information in the college catalog. It is available on the college’s home page and the Internet. Students are expected to familiarize themselves with the Student Handbook and comply with its policies and regulations.

Identification Cards
Students, faculty and staff are issued photo identification cards. These cards are to be visible at all times while in the New York College of Podiatric Medicine or the Foot Clinics of New York. The cards serve to ensure security of students, faculty and staff within the school and clinic buildings. Students should always be ready to present the cards upon entering the College and Clinic facilities.

Religious Holidays
The administration and faculty are sensitive to the diverse religious affiliations of students. If an examination or other college activity is scheduled on the same day as a religious holiday, the student should contact the appropriate faculty member in advance of their planned absence to request other arrangements to complete the scheduled activity.  Such absences will be considered excused according to the prevailing Student Handbook and as such, be appropriately made-up.

Books and Equipment
There are specific books, equipment and attire required throughout the D.P.M. program.  Lists of required textbooks are published prior to each semester.  For students' convenience, the Columbia University Book Store, operated by Barnes & Noble, stocks most of required text books.  Books may be purchased either online at <> or by visiting the book store located at 3954 Broadway, New York, NY.   Remember that the Library is not the source for required textbooks. Any required textbooks available in the Library are kept on overnight reserve and not renewable. Other required readings include journal articles (available in the Library and/or online), materials distributed in class or posted on the NYCPM Intranet, and Web-based resources; all are identified in course syllabi.
There is required equipment which students must have and use throughout certain courses and clerkships.  This includes laptop computers, PDAs (both of which meet system requirements), medical equipment, as well as lab, clinic and surgical attire.  Required equipment for any course is listed in the syllabus of that course, as are any “recommended” books, articles and web-based resources beyond those required.
A collection NYCPM-themed merchandise including apparel and other items bearing the NYCPM logo or College name is available online (see “NYCPM Merchandise” under Students on the NYCPM website).

Food Service
The College cafeteria on the 3rd floor (College building) provides food service in the morning and during lunch hours. In addition, vending machines with snack foods and beverages are located close by.

The New York College of Podiatric Medicine assists its students in locating suitable housing, conveniently located, with easy access to the College.

Off-campus housing information is available through the Housing Office.  Housing for NYCPM students is not offered on campus. You may request information on housing from the Housing Office by calling the toll-free number 1-800-526-6966. Housing assignments are made in priority order of the date received.

Students interested in pursuing living accommodations through the Housing Office should complete a housing application and submit it to the Housing Office in a timely manner, in order to receive consideration. Acceptance by the New York College of Podiatric Medicine does not guarantee housing accommodations.

Student Health Requirements
As a condition of enrollment in first year, you must submit:
the NYCPM health form, to be filled out by your physician, which must show a physical examination within the past year, including the following:

  • a tuberculosis skin  test and, if positive, a chest X-Ray
  • immunizations against measles (2 vaccinations), mumps and rubella
  • a completed and signed form acknowledging information regarding meningococcal meningitis.  You are not required to be immunized against meningitis; however, you are required by New York State to submit the completed form as a condition for enrollment.
  • Current sickness and accident insurance as described below.

All students are required to purchase the accident & sickness insurance offered by NYCPM, unless it is documented that the student is covered under another acceptable policy.  The cost for NYCPM's student accident & sickness policy will be automatically charged to each student's account each semester for one half-year of coverage. The student may accept the policy, request to waive the policy based on documentation of other acceptable coverage throughout the covered period, or apply for additional coverage at additional cost.

White Coat Ceremony
Early in the Freshmen year, students are presented with their inaugural white coats symbolizing the life-long commitment and dedication they will undertake in serving the podiatric health care needs of their patients. At the conclusion of the ceremony, the Hippocratic Oath is administered by the Academic Dean. The Oath is administered again at commencement.

Fitness & Recreation Center
The fitness center at the New York College of Podiatric Medicine offers a variety of workout and recreational equipment. The center is open from 6:00 am to 9:00 pm Monday through Friday. It is open to all registered students of NYCPM.

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