Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why should I join the AAPSM?

    There are many benefits to joining the AAPSM. A few of these include, receiving a quarterly publication from the organization, being the recipient of visits from club members to do presentations and more. If we as a school support this program in great numbers, they will be more willing to help us out when we want something done. For example, the California school published a book that was paid for entirely by the AAPSM, just because they had a large student chapter.

  • How do I become a member of the AAPSM?

    We have a link to the website, where you can personally acquire a form to fill out. Or you can contact one of the officers via email to request a form.

  • How much does it cost to join the AAPSM?

    They are practically giving the membership away. As a physician it costs over a hundred dollars, but for us it is only $10.

  • I want to go to a residency that specializes/focuses on sports medicine. Where can I find out about that information?

    Right now the field of podiatric residencies it taking a shift towards surgery rather than sports medicine. The best thing to do is to do your own research to find out which programs are affiliated with sports research/treatments. A lot of the training and knowledge you obtain about the field, should come from a personal interest. You need to make your own mini externship. Familiarize yourself with names in the field that are big, and spend a week in their office. If you have a passion for the field, you can make it happen for yourself, because not a lot of programs emphasize sports medicine.

  • What about fellowships in sports medicine?

    Currently there are only a few spots that are available in the U.S. for podiatry. One of them is in Florida, one is near Seattle, and there are 2 in California. They are very competitive, so it behooves you to get involved early to set yourself apart.

  • What if I donít get a fellowship in sports medicine, can I still practice it?

    Absolutely. Many of the faculty here at NYCPM didnít do fellowships in sports medicine, but ended up working for professional sports teams and dance companies. The important thing is knowledge and experience. That is why this club was formed, to increase your awareness, and also to give you experience where you might not otherwise get it.

  • I have something I want the club to do, but I am not an officer how can I relay that?

    Under the contact us link, there is a list of all the Sports Medicine Club Officers. You can email anyway one of us, and we will bring up your suggestions in the our meeting.

  • How long will it take after I order a t-shirt or hoody to get it?

    It just depends. Some things we can order immediately and can get to the members within a week or so, and other might take a little bit of time, due to the fact that you have to order in bulk, and so we will have to wait until the order is large enough to send out.

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