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Dr. Jacob Reinkraut, NYCPM Class of 2006

After graduating in 2006, Dr. Jacob Reinkraut began his journey to becoming a very successful alumnus of NYCPM. A proud native of New Jersey, Dr. Reinkraut returned to his home state to complete his residency at Saint Michael's Medical Center. Within a few short years, he became owner of a thriving podiatric practice, Complete Foot and Ankle.

Growing up with his father and two grandfathers working as doctors, Dr. Reinkraut always knew he wanted a career in medicine. He had the opportunity to shadow doctors in Northern New Jersey, and did a hospital internship in Pennsylvania, where he rotated through different specialties to observe the many healthcare professions. Ultimately, Dr. Reinkraut was drawn to podiatric medicine. His cousin, Steven Lemberger, DPM, was the first to introduce him to the field. "I was impressed by all the pathology that can be seen in a relatively small part of the body," Dr. Reinkraut says. "I was impressed by how some simple, and some not so simple treatments, can keep people healthy, active, and free of pain."

Dr. Reinkraut received his undergraduate training from Muhlenberg College, where he earned a B.S. in Biology, Health Care Economics, and Asian Studies. From there, he went on to attend NYCPM. As a podiatry student, Dr. Reinkraut was very involved. He was a member of the Surgery and Sport Medicine Clubs, and did research on topics including patients with amputations, peroneal tendon pathology, and arthroereisis.

The next step in Dr. Reinkraut's career was becoming a resident at Saint Michael's Medical Center in Newark, NJ. "For me, it was important to get a well-rounded training," Dr. Reinkraut states. "Learning to run a busy clinic is just as important, if not more important, than knowing how to perform reconstructive surgery." St. Michael's provided the opportunity for Dr. Reinkraut to work closely with medicine, vascular, and infectious disease, as well as handle a large number of foot and ankle trauma cases.

In 2009, while working part-time for a medical multi-specialty practice and another podiatrist, Dr. Reinkraut started his own practice called Complete Foot and Ankle. Working very hard allowed him the chance to slowly build up his practice to what it is today. Currently in Ridgewood, NJ, he has two other podiatrists working in his office, both of whom are also NYCPM graduates. "In any average day, I travel between my office, hospital and surgery center," says Dr. Reinkraut. "My day is not monotonous." In his office, he sees patients of all ages with ailments of a wide variety. However, Dr. Reinkraut states he has developed a niche for diabetes wound care and sports medicine.

When Dr. Reinkraut is not working, he enjoys tennis, fishing, skiing, hiking and spending time with his wife and dog. He is also very passionate about his work with the New Jersey Podiatric Medical Society. He has been appointed to the Board of Trustees and hopes to recruit newly practicing podiatrists so they can get involved, help the profession, and benefit as he has.

Becoming a podiatrist is "a long road to a very rewarding niche," says Dr. Reinkraut. His story of being a young graduate, working hard and accomplishing ownership of a flourishing private practice, is encouragement for all podiatric medical students across the nation.


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