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Dr. Jamie Chaffo, Class of 2011
By: Crystal Gunsch, Class of 2016

A top graduate among the NYCPM Class of 2011, Dr. Jamie Chaffo recently completed her podiatric residency training at Metropolitan Hospital Center and New York College of Podiatric Medicine. In September 2014, Dr. Chaffo is set to start practicing at Kaiser Mid-Atlantic Permanente Medical Group in the Maryland DC area.
In high school, Dr. Chaffo spent four years as a student athletic trainer for football. She dealt with many foot and ankle injuries throughout that time. It was during Dr. Chaffo's freshman year at Pennsylvania State University that she was exposed to the field of podiatric medicine, which immediately intrigued her. She was put in contact with Dr. Rock Positano, a 1988 graduate of NYCPM, by a professor at Penn State. "Dr. Rock Positano encouraged me to not only attend podiatry school, but to do so at NYCPM due to its abundant clinical training" says Dr. Chaffo.

Dr. Chaffo did in fact choose NYCPM, and she excelled in both academics and extracurricular activities while in attendance from 2007-2011. Along with being a tutor her 2nd and 3rd years, Dr. Chaffo was also a coordinator for the Student Ambassador Program and the NYCPM 4th Annual Residency Fair. In 2009, Dr. Chaffo spent a week completing a dermatopathology sub-clerkship at Weill Cornell. In addition, she was a member of the Pi Delta National Podiatric Honor Society. Most impressively, Dr. Chaffo graduated magna cum laude and 4th in her class. Known for always studying and being dedicated, especially with her best friend and fellow NYCPM alumna Dr. Kristy Golden, it is no surprise the number of awards and scholarships Dr. Chaffo has received throughout the years.

After graduation, Dr. Chaffo stayed in New York City to complete her residency at NYCPM/Metropolitan Hospital/Lincoln Hospital. She served as chief surgical resident from 2013-2014. When asked about the best part of her residency experience, Dr. Chaffo answered, "The close association and training with the surgery and orthopedic departments, as well as the extensive conferences and workshops attended." She continued on to say, "Additionally, we had weekly journal clubs and case presentations with a demanding focus on education, which even led the residency program to win the PRESENT Residency Education Summit East Residency Rumble in 2012." A list of Dr. Chaffo's numerous case presentations, lectures, workshops and conferences attended may be found on her CV here.

Following completion of her residency training, Dr. Chaffo was offered a job at the prestigious Kaiser Mid-Atlantic Permanente Medical Group. She is scheduled to begin practicing in mid-September, and she will embark on becoming board certified in foot and rear-foot surgery. Although grateful for the time spent in New York City, Dr. Chaffo says she cannot wait to begin her new life in Maryland.

A story of drive and determination that is sure to inspire, Dr. Chaffo has set the bar high for future graduates of NYCPM. A 29-year-old Pennsylvania native, Dr. Chaffo is the only member of her family to attend college as well as medical school, making her story all the more remarkable. For fun, Dr. Chaffo enjoys weekends at the beach, working out with her husband, Ryan, and showing her 3-year-old toddler, Christian, all the fun the world has to offer. Being an avid Penn State fan, Dr. Chaffo returns to her alma mater every year for a football game weekend with friends.

No stranger to working hard, Dr. Chaffo has very valuable advice for both future and current students of podiatric medicine:

  • Don't settle for less than an A (or perfection). Don't beat yourself up if you don't achieve it every time, but do not strive for anything less, because the ultimate goal is to be the best doctor you can be for the benefit of patient care.
  • Prioritize and balance your career with life. No matter what anyone tells you, you can have both; you can be completely happy.
  • Always keep something to read in your pocket/white coat. Every minute of your day is valuable, so use it.
  • Learn from your mistakes. We all have made them, and will make them; they are some of our best learning tools. Additionally, learn from others' mistakes, and thank them for the learning experience.
  • Treat everyone with kindness and respect always. People drastically underestimate how far this will get you in life and how valuable this is to your relationship with co-workers and patients.



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