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Nicholas Giovinco, DPM
By Rachel Maslow, Class of 2017

Dr. Nicholas Giovinco, DPM, graduated with NYCPM’s Class of 2010 and completed his residency at DeKalb Medical Center in Decatur, Georgia. Dr. Giovinco grew up in a family of podiatry. Dr. Giovinco’s father and grandfather are podiatrists as well as graduates of NYCPM and he wanted to continue the podiatry legacy. He is now working in a private group practice affiliated with the Piedmont Healthcare Center of Atlanta, Georgia. It is a multi-physician practice that stretches within and around the Metro Atlanta area.

In addition to continuing the family legacy, Dr. Giovinco chose NYCPM because of its strong clinical training and its international influence. Dr. Giovinco also loved the idea of being in New York City. The excellent subway system and the multitude of cultures were definitely a bonus of NYCPM’s location.

During his residency experience, Dr. Giovinco gained more exposure to podiatric surgery, authored articles and book chapters, and gave lectures.

Dr. Giovinco has had an interest in 3D animation and 3D modeling for the past 20 years, going back to high school, where he picked up his first computer-assisted design application. He created his first 3D printed object back in 2004, but the process was quite costly at the time. As the machines and processes became more affordable during residency, Dr. Giovinco started to look for research projects that involved 3D printing. He met some members of a local hackerspace called “Freeside Atlanta,” which operated a number of 3D printers. They collaborated together in search of projects.

Dr. Giovinco also looked to his long-time mentor, Dr. David Armstrong, for guidance. He then joined Dr. Armstrong at the University of Arizona-Department of Surgery as a member of the Southern Arizona Limb Salvage (SALSA) team. Since then, they have worked together to print surgical instruments that can be sterilized. He has also worked with colleagues from UC San Diego to print custom pediatric ear molds for reconstructive plastic surgery.

In the past year, Dr. Giovinco led a medical mission to El Salvador. Together with the Salvadorian healthcare providers, they performed 26 surgical procedures and offered clinical care and evaluation to over 150 patients. These medical mission trips provide surgical equipment and skill for the correction of clubfoot, trauma, polio deformities and a variety of other podiatric ailments.

During his free time, Dr. Giovinco still enjoys 3D printing and tries to design things to print. He also continues to publish 3D illustrations for the Dr. Glass YouTube channel, which he first started eight years ago as a student at NYCPM. In addition, following his love for sports, he is helping to build a new disc golf course in Georgia.

Dr. Giovinco’s advice to students is to read everything you can now, but don’t believe everything you read. Medicine is a rapidly evolving and changing culture with multiple factors that influence our ability to make decisions. He feels that medicine has a long way to go before we achieve an accurate perspective of what personalized medicine is. Most patients don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.



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