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We are pleased to salute Jay N. Bhuta, DPM as NYCPM website’s Featured DPM. Dr. Bhuta graduated from NYCPM in 2012. He grew up in New Jersey and attended Rutgers University, where he received his BS in Biology, Math, and Education. He is currently in private practice and is the Residency Director at Saint Barnabas Health in Livingston, New Jersey. 

            After graduating from Rutgers, Dr. Bhuta taught at a high school in Newark and worked at a publishing company in New York City. He spent time traveling to over 70 countries and exploring different career options. He ultimately chose podiatric medicine because he wanted a career where he would help others, be challenged daily, and have a work-life balance. Dr. Bhuta enjoys the many facets of medical practice that this profession has to offer.

            Dr. Bhuta’s time at NYCPM was a formative one. He was president of his class and of the Student Association, and participated in the International Podiatry Club. He played an integral part in founding the peer tutoring program and helped to revive the Podiatric Medical Review at NYCPM, the only student-run podiatric medical journal. Looking back on his school years, he can attest to the fact that early exposure to a wide array of pathologies through NYCPM’s clinical rotations laid the foundation for his successes in residency. However, among his myriad school experiences, Dr. Bhuta cherishes the strong bonds he forged with his colleagues during his four years at NYCPM.

            Dr. Bhuta completed his residency at Saint Barnabas in Livingston, New Jersey. He credits the exceptional training he received from the late Jonathan Haber, DPM, the former director of the program there. He feels a duty to add to Dr. Haber’s legacy at Saint Barnabas. As the current Residency Director, he is expanding the academic aspects of the program by including more chapter reading, journal clubs, monthly guest lecturers and hands-on cadaver labs every two months. He believes that residents receive the best training when attendings provide a variety of opinions and approaches. As such, he actively recruits young surgeons to add new perspectives to the training. He also broadens the career prospects of his residents by preparing them for all the aspects of working in the private sector, transitioning to teaching, and continuing on to a fellowship.

            In his practice, Dr. Bhuta focuses on sports and traumatic injuries, reconstructions, and arthritic conditions. Although he is a surgeon, he cautions that the best medical practice is to remember that surgery is not always the best treatment modality, as patients can often be treated conservatively. And when surgical intervention is necessary, it is essential to know how to work up a patient from the beginning all the way to the end of post-operative care. Dr. Bhuta believes that the podiatric field needs to continue building relationships with other medical specialties, such as orthopedics, vascular surgery, and general surgery, and to add to the medical research literature. 
            As a podiatric physician, Dr. Bhuta’s advice to prospective students is to take the time to try and appreciate what podiatry as a profession has to offer. It is important to understand the time, hard work, and dedication it takes to become a physician. He encourages prospective students to map out goals and plans to achieve them, so that they can have a clear focus going forward. 

            As a Residency Director, he advises current students to take the time to visit programs, spend time with current residents, and learn the strengths and weaknesses of programs. Current students should spend time studying, reading textbooks and journal articles, and practicing OR techniques, and learn to balance both taking initiative and being a team player.

Aside from his private practice and his role as Residency Director, Dr. Bhuta is also a member of American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons and the New Jersey Podiatric Medical Society. He enjoys traveling, teaching, building furniture from scratch, and spending time with his friends and family.

This article was written by:

Priam Sandilya, Class of 2019


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