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Featured DPMs

Ami Parikh, DPM and Stanley Idiculla, DPM

By Priam Sandilya, Class of 2019

Stanley Idiculla, DPM, graduated from NYCPM in 2004. He had attended the University of Pittsburgh and double-majored in neuroscience and philosophy. His grandmother's struggle with diabetes and foot and ankle complications influenced him to explore a career in podiatry.

Dr. Idiculla went to West Penn Hospital for his residency and then to Alliance Community Hospital, where he was the chief resident, to complete his Podiatric Medicine and Surgery-36 residency program.

In his first year of residency he began to truly appreciate all of the hands-on experience he had gained while studying at NYPCM. He recalled an instance during his first month of residency, when he was on a general rotation and got to be a part of a neurosurgical case. In order to decide which resident would be able to scrub in, the residents were grilled by their chief resident. They needed to demonstrate knowledge of sterility techniques and how to properly scrub in for the case. After scrubbing in so many times and receiving the proper training as a student, this was "a cakewalk" according to Dr. Idiculla.

During this exercise he truly realized how ahead of the game he was compared to the other residents. As a student at NYCPM, these challenges had become second nature to him: he knew his instrumentation, demonstrated clinical experience, and in the end got the opportunity to scrub in on the neurosurgery case. The experience he gained at NYCPM was unlike any other; it opened doors for him and he feels helped pave the way for him to become the doctor he is today.

Ami Parikh, DPM, graduated from NYCPM in 2006...

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